Legend Chapter 2

Episode 02

In the deep dark forest there was building present in it. In spite of that, only huge trees surrounds the building as if they are poking the heaven, but the building is somehow showering in soft sunlight. There is no popular building as such as any , there is no signs of creatures called as living things. But, to somehow the floor of the building oddly enough had dusts been kept in without any cleaning condition at all.

And in a room in that such a building Reiji………whether or not , person that was once called Reiji Saeki wake up.

Saeki Reiji : “…… Where on earth?”

For few seconds he thoughtfully looked around while placing hand on his forehead, but nodded as if to understand something immediately.

Saeki Reiji : “So, I fused with that light ball……Oh, I see. That’s certainly was fusion. There is knowledge. And certainly consciousness of mine remains as I’m not mistaken.”

When I looked around, I notice finally that I was sleeping in bed. Its on the floor and magic is drawn, it was possible to expect that it would had been subjected to some sort of magic in my body that had been asleep until about just now. I get up from the top of the bed and wear clothes that had been placed on the bedside of bed.

Saeki Reiji : “And you say, I’m became what. What a new body!?”

According to the knowledge that light bulb seems to have been named Zephyr Ondes, but I try reflects their faces to the tub containing the water that he have me ready.

It was the bright red hair boy’s face projected there. If anything I want to say that it is well-equipped features filled with beautiful body to a extent that there is no problem to say. Eye colour will remain strong in contrast the impression of a bright red hair in blue. Height  about 165cm, the appearance age specific such as around 15 years old. If you want lifetime age it becomes the calculations rejuvenated about 2 years old and to do so on I was 17 years old.

Saeki Reiji : “However, it is likely the body is not sufficiently outrageous ,according to the knowledge that I got from Zephyr”

According to the knowledge of Zephyr that I has got, this body is something that Zephyr and their clan is …… whether that made to mobilize the best of magic and technology, was created. Because there is a history of clan went extinct by aging, he has been subjected to eternal youth treatment. Of course, I required above a certain magic that it is as its prerequisite, but.

It’s point is that not in the immortality its even in the eternal youth. The dream of mankind indeed immortality also gathered the world’s leading magician who is it seems could not be reached. Instead of just wondering. Tremendous resilience has dwells in the body, it seems have been made to fairly high performance with regard physical ability.

Saeki Reiji : “Well, if the time being such a thing.”

I pull out my body performance from my knowledge, after that I have the approximate understanding I poured water into the tree of cups from jug that had on the table, and drink in one bite.

Suddenly I notice moistening while water in the throat.

Saeki Reiji : “Speaking  so, this water is also a thing of several hundred years ago.”

While saying so, I started pouring the water from the jug again to the cup that was empty. If words of Zephyr is correct, several hundred years that basket had pulled the spirit world in the Between the world in order to look for the successor of the alleged beast art in that light bulb before. Of course this body, water and bed, that should be things of Zephyr even the clothes were prepared before they become light bulb. Given that it is keeping a fresh state so far, could understand it coming in straight to the my chest is that clan is leading magi that could be gathered in this world.

I have been like swallowing the mountains of fresh water(shimizu), and said it’s fresh water to the extent as no would likely to believe so. I was supposed to be accustomed to drink of that delicious water as I have lived in the northeast of the country town, but it feels like there is a difference of heaven and Earth compared to it, and settles finally by drinking a few more cups of delicious water.

Saeki Reiji: “For now, I look around this building.”

I want to know about that whether or not there is actually what those in the knowledge from Zephyr, because his knowledge that was ceded last from Zephyr. I need to make sure actually with my own eyes.

To bed there in the bedroom where I had been sleeping, table, chairs, jugs, cups.

Saeki Reiji : “Do? This is ……”

My eyes caught on that  in the room was a picture that has been hung on the wall of the bedroom. 12 people young and old have been drawn to it.

Earth Art, Water Art, Wind Art, Light Art, Dark Art, Space-time magic, Space magic, Summoning magic, Alchemy, Number Art, Ancient magic. And it’s 12 people Zephyr to manipulate Fire Art led by them. That is knowledge of Zephyr taught me that clan can destroy one country in a few hours and I am that in between’s a magician who is portrayed in this painting.

But, not only that I has been deprived of eyes in the painting. It’s clothes that I am wearing the person who manipulate the Number Art is one inside of the painting. How it look even in black school uniform wearing a Japanese junior high school students and high school students, himself black hair, was equipped with the features of the iris and the Japanese is in the bonus. I draw that the person from the knowledge of Zephyr.

Saeki Reiji : “Takumu Suzuno. Number Art  , or. I think that if this is the fellow nakama ”

Man named Takumu Suzuno in the knowledge of Zephyr had the property of that eternal youth. And that incorporates the physical characteristics of Takumu Suzuno, I am teaching knowledge of Zephyr to be a body of mine that was created is now more improved.

Saeki Reiji : “When it comes to, or …… other than Takumu Suzuno and myself  there are Japanese who also come to this world?”

I thought for few seconds, but shake off the idea by shaking my head quickly.

Even the first place and as others Japanese that had come to this world, now their own consciousness is probably not helping anyway because  they are not a Japanese physically so they are helpless. I would much nostalgic by talking with that person.

Saeki Reiji : “If it was eternal youth than, why die ?”

It is worrisome, I draw the knowledge again.

According to the knowledge,  it seems to have been poisoned after she was involved in a power struggle for powers. After that she was taking refuge somehow under the Zephyr , but eventually detoxification was not too late….and seems to flow as it is.

Saeki Reiji : “Well, because the world seems to have common or noble usually. You can caught in once in the power struggle”

By the way, a few Art that Takumu Suzuno used is her personal original magic, and seems those who did handle not other than her. And its t target possibly quantify by its effect, maybe it was magic that is not suited to combat.

Saeki Reiji : “I see it. It was magic of a well at game appraisal or analyze or whatever in such relations”

This seems to have been completely unknown of magic in the world, but it was somehow understandable ability to take me that have loved the subculture.

Saeki Reiji : “Well, for now I’m in this room is good. The next is laboratory”

Slowly, I open the door of the room that appeared to bedroom and slowly walk bare feet on floor. Perhaps house itself is maintained by some magic, from the bed to floor even one dirt or dust had not fell.

Saeki Reiji : “this is……. the time had stopped of this mansion using the space-time magic ”

While checking the knowledge of  Zephyr willingly going through passage. To begin with,  this house is a house that has been used as a base for searching the successor of Demon Beast Art after Zephyr became clan’s last survivor, is made quite narrow. Therefore I arrive in just a few minutes from the bedroom to the laboratory.

There is plate that has been hanged on the laboratory door says that【Those who open this door, curse does descends on those who fails qualification of Demon Beast Arts】.

Saeki Reiji : “…… at least turned out readable thanks to the fusion character of this world ”

While looking at the plate of characters I muttered.

According to the knowledge from Zephyr, If you tried to open the door, apparently those who do not have the magical power who are about to become the successor of Demon Beast Arts will exhaust and burnt down instantly by taking attack from incoming Fire.

Saeki Reiji : “It’s a pretty extreme security”

As I make fun of it even while muttering , I gently reach to the doorknob. Even though I got the endorsement as successor of Demon Beast Arts indeed from Zephyr but I seems to become cautious of given chance to me.

But, the hand that was stretched out in contact with to unceremoniously doorknob, door is open easily and is enough to amazed me.

Saeki Reiji : “…… Phew”

While exhaling relief, I enter into in the laboratory.

The laboratory was considerably wider than the bedroom . In terms of sense to me it would be about 30 tatami room. Half of it, have been drawn huge magic circle towards the back. Half of  near entrance , originally it was not to wonder but there was equipment and books for consult for a variety of experiments placed and even one clamp also to have as experimental tool. But, instead of that doesn’t mean such things as meticulous jewellery box on top of the table probably have the magic has been placed on it.

Saeki Reiji : “Well, it’s just a jewellery box. It’s where my hope to those that are entering into, but”

While muttering in low tone I approach to the jewellery box and open the lid.

Saeki Reiji : “This is a bracelet, or?”

I take out the ones that came in the jewellery box. It was a bracelet with a diameter of about 10cm. No doubt in the bracelet for its specific applications.

I curiously look at the bracelet that was in my hand. On certainly at first glance the bracelet appears to be clean, but still it seems like more of jewellery have a high monetary value and jewellery box contain embedded  with fine crafting on it.

Sense of discomfort. It was my head that had crossed it. To keep not so high monetary value bracelet into the high monetary value of jewellery box.  To think normally it is impossible. This means that I have something to do with this bracelet. So to determine I pull out the knowledge of Zephyr to understand.

Saeki Reiji : “Well, certainly this is a thing that is worth than billionaire jewellery”

According to the knowledge of Zephyr, this bracelet seems a kind of so-called storage item. In clan of Zephyr, the world’s best space magician Lizzy Flow and Esta Nord which was said to alchemist in the main, and Takumu Number Art user who also has been cooperated with this stuff that was crafted to collect the best of technology , also it seems Zephyr put all the magic tools and valuable materials that had clan been collected so far saying into this bracelet. The name is Misty ring.  …..a Ring, even though it’s a bracelet? Both I thought, but it might be a something or hobby of creator who made this magic item.

I floated grinning smile, go walked into the magic at the back of the room after putting the Misty ring on one end of jewellery box.

Saeki Reiji : “This is magic for the Demon Beast Arts, or”

Demon Beast Arts. Already knew what this magic is from pulling out from the knowledge of Zephyr.

When casting a spell at the centre of this magic circle , magic is then absorb the magic from the practitioner. And I the Demon Beast is produced by its absorbing magic. It should be noted that the magic of the practitioner regarding magical beast that is produced, the inner surface, personality, deep psychology, various elements such as tastes cannot prefer picking on any by myself so come to relationship in a complex manner.

It will not be said that it’s only Zephyr clans mystery magic. But, Magical Beast that was created by this Beast Art has certain characteristics. In other words, the magic stone in the body of the demon. By it , the magical beast is prey stronger, more powerful in, and he will evolve more quickly. And its evolution is infinite by variety of magic stone that will prey on. Exactly I have a suitable potential to be referred to as the infinite possibilities. Ahead of the evolution. That is about what monsters can become far strongly, it has become that there is no limit exist, of course there until the person who brought up the monsters in theory.

In other words, it’s a thing with magic, and can be paraphrased even from that of the Demon Beast Art that will grow along with me.

It should be noted that the normal magician for the enormous magic in which magic is absorb up to things like vitality and life rather than magic, and even ritual without created the monsters in the relationship that would mix of impurities fail .

Then again bringing out the knowledge of the Beast Arts, coming forward and take a deeply deep breath onto the magic.

Saeki Reiji : “To some agreement with Zephyr, and above all myself has attracted in the alleged Demon Beast Arts. If I here don’t try, I don’t get it. …….To it, I think I was a little bit more cautious do it but …… is this the also effect of fusion? ”

It might these are changes Zephyr had said before fusion. Even while thinking in so secretly, I concentrate while speak.

Because for the spell to activate the magic had been present in the knowledge of Zephyr, hesitation did not exist.

Saeki Reiji : “【We, who produce the beast along with the magical power. Who then live along with the magical beast. Cry my magic, whether the monsters that sleep within our manifested in this world. To live with us, and with us mortals. And spied by a recruiter that figure! 】 ”

That is the spell that spun to put words into the magic. Originally it requires few years training to act, because I have inherited the knowledge of Zephyr  that’s why I pull off without any inch of deviation. Even world’s best a magician Zephyr will be surprised about the vast magical power I put into the degree of words.

Then start light magic in the next moment I aboard on magic circle, gradually, gradually becoming to shine strongly. And I’m gaining the light by absorbing the enormous magic that emitted from me. However, the magic is not of course infinite that said I have enormous magic. 5 minutes from the magic begins to shine, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.

Saeki Reiji : “Gu~u~tsu!”

Limit is approaching soon, I poke one knee to magic circle. And the next moment, already able to see the surroundings that’s his magic have put conspicuously sharp shine now cannot be glow ……….i.e. light emission from the abruptly magic had vanished.

Saeki Reiji : “I , was able …… what?”

Because magic was sucked in magic circle until near limit, in the midst of mid-faint consciousness I look around and a black glossy came into the eyes of mine. It was like a colour of cocoon should be called jet black . I saw the cocoon gradually crack … was shattered in the moment, consciousness of mine sink into darkness. I was feeling on the verge of losing the mind, warm and something that was bushy, voice as amae of “Gururu~u”. And sound of caring something fall to the floor

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