00-01 Price of mistake

————— That day , I had made a irreparable mistake.

Outburst of burning flame.

They collapsed because it was burnt.

Or,They were burned down to collapsed.

The number of wooden houses that are burned, remains only partially destroyed houses.

There were none who spoke or moved.

There is only sound of flames, that are burning lives of people.

Sound of a burned-out buildings that are crumbling is mixed in it occasionally.

Not even the remnants of location of small village remains anymore.

People who were lived in would be now unexpectedly a silent black mass.

Or just tragically, parts of torn bodies are lying around.

The flesh and blood of unknown origins were scattered here and there.

They soak the ground and inscribed traces of destruction and carnage.

You know who.

That was when this tiny village is calm just an one hour before.

You know who.

A trivial choice of boy who changed to the spectacle of this hell.

You know who.

Only one survivor is the boy who cause of it all.


“Ugh, Ua~tsu, sorry UU ……, Tsu I’m sorry”.

A black hair boy shedding tears alone while holding a body of woman who lost her left arm.

A blond beauty who wore black clothing have been tattered and cover in blood.

Her eyes still had life in it but the majority of blood required for biological activity was flowing out.

She lost her left arm and in addition her body to deep lacerations evidenced that injuries are very serious.

She was still alive rather in strange state.

“…… Boys, don’t whine ……”

“Ah, Aishis conscious !?”

She smiled courageously even in such a state.

With her remaining right hand she give him a forehead flick but it was so weak that boys tear won’t stop.

Because no matter what he do, the woman he held in his arm cannot be saved.

No matter how much he deny,it was all his doing.

“Bakayarou(Stupid) …… why me!… . Why did you help me!  Because of me, I….I killed everyone ! ! ”

“Shin, … your words?”

“Jake and Lily even Cutter and Row also, Serene everyone! Even you Aishis ,you too,………I killed you as well !”

She’s still breathing now.However there is no salvation.

Her life won’t hold for another minute and will disappear.

The one who did it was undoubtedly, himself.

” Yes and I, …this is because I was clunker”

Even though She replied with a aloof face and laughed weakly.

That attitude is incomprehensible to the boy.

She should blame. She should angry. She should hate.

Prior to that, she should kill him!..

“Don’t shit on me! Is there meaning that I was the only One to be Saved?The things I did,everyone that I killed,what do you want me to do from now on! ? To me Aishis, I wanted you at least be saved”

At the time when he did something irreparable, She was still safe.

That’s why he thought for her at least(to be saved),however she chose the path of saving boy.

“Ha,for a cry baby to worry about me,………no wonder I’m in this state”

As usual she didn’t respond when she was asked why.

But simply just quietly accept it and leave it has that.

“Aishi- !? A,aa,Aishis Your body!?”

Involuntarily wanting to yell at that attitude his eyes stopped at the sight before him.

Her body wrap in light and gradually from the end scatters.

” …….I knew after all it will not last”

” Don’t tell me,just now you were shaving off your soul!? Why…..tell me why? If you did that, even if you survive it would become like this!?”

The price of miracle that saved the boy was literally all of her.

Obviously her life, even her body, all of her will be consumed.

How many times has it been that the boy looked at her questioningly but the girl remained silent.

His puffy red crying face looked so haggard that you can’t tell which of them is dying.

He was about to collapsed from weight of guilt at any moment.

And he said.

“Why did you save someone like me”

“Geeze. Finally….I thought we could have decent conversation, sure, enough, docile boy”

” Shut up ! As expected aren’t you just an optimistic violent sister”

She smiled happily as he shouted back in atearful voice.

For her, such an expression will be delightful.

” Fufu(chuckle)….for friends that would say that,my principle is that i will not forsake them”

“A,a,Ai, shis …I”

“That’s why…. this, please protect it, dont hand over…….to anyone………..”

Cutting of her words she used that last of strength to strip the pendent chain off her neck.

Then she handed over a silversmith crescent moon that was shining even while it was wet with blood.

“It’s not a heirloom,………it’s something precious, that’s why pro…tect…”

“Eh,a , aah, wait!, Aishis wait ! I still have lots of thing to say.”

The feeling of her hand while clutching the thing to hand over shook.

That was because the supposedly remaining right hand had disappeared.

Almost her whole lower body which had remained only in form had becomes light.

He knew that the weight in his arms had already disappeared by more than a half.

” I know, that’s why….its okay”

” its not,aah,stop!, don’t disappear ”

Only the top half of her body was left.

The weight on one hand has already gone.

” Fufu, weird…..”

” no, I hate it………hey wait, wait!”

Even so it disappeared immediately, the weight carried on his arms was no more.

What was remaining  was just a smile that was disproportionate in this place.

“…..Ah,……although a boy, but, in the arms of a man quite decent, even romantic.”

“Ai!— ?”

Although he knew it was meaningless but he still tried to grab the lights that scattered into the sky.

Again and again , in the stretched hand that cut through the sky,nothing remained.

What was left was an intense sense of loss that hit his whole body.

“─────────── ~Tsu~tsu~tsu !!!!”

A wail without sound directed towards heaven.


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