Legend Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sun was shining in midsummer, and just do so during intense sunshine, Saeki Reiji wiped away sweat while waiting for red lights on a bicycle.

Reiji : “Hot !! I say, I’m already hot !!!”

While the chirps of cicadas are heard , he resentfully glared at sun to go down.

To refer, still it’s 10 o’clock after morning but temperatures had already beyond 30 ℃. It’s not unusual early, even in news tit is over 40 ℃  by the local TV, but 30 ℃ temperature also is considerably tight stuff for Reiji to live in the rural town of northeast .

Reiji : ” Well in this type of hot weather, swimming in the river was nice”

This dialogue would represent the countryside is how much a place for Reiji to live. After all it’s a place where mobile radio waves that are called even enter the last minute. This is also town where he arrived by multiplying more than one hour by bicycle from home.

Speaking of summer vacation second year high school life is normally busy with studying for exam, but Reiji totally didn’t care about that all. After all, Reiji’s advancement from high school where he attends is extremely low, because most of jobs are at the local.

Therefore in comfort, Reiji had to enjoy enough as a long vacation, which is the original meaning of summer vacation of  two years of high school. Of course the challenge was went out , in order to enjoy the summer vacation he already finish up cleaning that has started several days before to spend summer vacation.

During such, why he came up in this hot weather in the city, simply because he was contacted from the booksellers that they are looking forward to new releases of novel that had entered in shop.

Reiji : ” Yet, it was a bit more refreshing … possibly, because Father or Mother, who should be in the car to take me? “

While complaining, he put out the hot air on T-shirt by removing out in ye gazing manner.

That said, it’s that atmospheric temperature. Certainly that hotness is with exception of what we called as cold product.

Wiping of his sweat has raised again in between just for few minutes waiting for a red light, and then directing the line of sight of eyes into the surrounding.

Several decades ago it might have been crowded in its own way, but the shops that closed the shutter is now exceeds 6 %. After graduating from high school who often find employment in local, having said that it becomes a gradually lessen because the number itself of children are absolutely low in school.

Even house demolition had actually begun in place where Reiji was a little away from it.

Reiji : “I wonder will this remain depopulated  Tsu”

Also while says so, it especially is not solutions to such as this on their helplessness.

He was thinking in such a way. <<Dangerous, avoid !! >> And the voice hung.

When almost reflexively turn the eyes to it, and  a 5 m steel enters the eye…… it became spectacle to the last scene that Reiji saw in this world.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

??? : “Oh …… finally ……”

Been heard such a voices, Reiji wakes up quickly to open his eyes. There was nothing while looking around only white space. I saw it endlessly and it still continues to so far.

Reiji : “…… Where is this? “

Certainly himself supposed to have been crushed by steel and…., but a scene that screamed to remember the fear of the original death, has been able to wonder and calmly judged.

??? : “I guess you woke up, my successor candidate”

Turning the consciousness towards that so spoken of voice, somehow automatically its existence comes into the eye.

Reiji : “Light  ball?”

So, it was a light ball of about 30cm. It is he issues a voice even while blinking and shiny.

Light Ball : “Thou if you say that that myself is light ball then fact that you also had become the light ball , but I wonder if the sides are able to understand?”

Listening to the words of the light ball, he notice for the first time that his body is a light ball too.

Certainly there is neither feet nor hands, there is no sense of such course of eyes and ears.

And yet  for some reason he can be seen, and heard as well.


Reiji : “In what way it become?”

Light Ball : ” Calm down, my successor candidate. … No, do not be upset. Should call truly and my successor candidate “

Reiji : “Successor, a candidate?”

Light Ball : “Hmm… It’s good to be summon thy soul before your oneself on verge of extinction .”

Reiji visualize the scene in which steel is coming imminently to the contents of the light ball that speaks.

Certainly, it would be impossible to survive in that type of situation.

Reiji : “Yeah. I should …… I should be dead indeed. So fellow here is the so-called after death world ?”

Light Ball : “No. This is the world i.e. one of the spirit world in the between of the worlds. In order to exercise the way in search of my successor, thou were caught in it.”

Light ball tells him in low accent voice, So Reiji reacts with fluttering.

Reiji : “Is that so? You interfere with law of cause and effect like that to make me kill ?”

There is a familiar deployment for Reiji to enjoy like a game ,recent novels and comics, movie, etc. …… However, he is not pleased by it after what had happened to his body. But in front of him the light ball emits a voice again while blinking .

Light Ball : “No. But to exercise the dying souls of those who qualified that can become our successors ,it is our arts to invites only one hour to this spirit world before heading to the afterlife.”

Listening to the words, there was a feel to Reiji and as mood somewhat lightened. Once the contents of this light ball and it’s fact are said, his death seems to be nothing to do with this light ball. …… Although, it’s all are fact but he didn’t have contents of his story.

He could not truly talk totally positive about to strangers that just first met  …… and say or strange light ball.

That said, since forever it isn’t afford to remains as it is Reiji encourages the previous story.


Reiji : “You continue “

Light Ball : “Hmm. To say that long ago, I and our successor are making in attempt to do to summon someone of that nature being to acquire a Art. And it becomes thee had appeared in it . Therefore thee are successor candidate”

Reiji : “Although I was in the mood from a little while ago, I’m successor for what?”

Light Ball : “It’s a magic that already on verge of disappearance of, it is a magic that successor called as Demon Beast Art

Murmuring in somewhere plaintively, light ball blinked.

Light Ball : “In that moment when I called thee, I read in your memory and got it roughly. Our world unlike thy world, there is a thing called magic. Within our magic’s there was magician to possess a mighty magic  . And it was likely of our clan. Our clan has created the magic called as Demon Beast Art

Reiji : “It was produced by your clan, whether it goes on the verge of lost fact that it already quite on minor level?”

Light Ball : “It does not deny or something. In the first place it is the magic that absolutely difficult to use other than to my clan because the prerequisites for using the Demon Beast Art requires a huge magic power”

Reiji : “I see what a enormous magic …… Is it in me also?”

Above its vast magical power is a prerequisite for the Demon Beast Art, if there was no such magic they would not be talking about to him that was considered to be successor. It was Reiji that asked while thinking, but the response of the light ball was something that was beyond the expectation.

Light Ball : “There. And you said it, in thy world there will be no one exist who have a mighty magic other than thou.  Thou are the one which has so much of magic harbouring in thy body. … Why even there is exist called as special mutation as thou who was born in world without magic. Although there is an interesting case, but already there is no time to unlock the mystery for us. therefore well to hear judgment “

Then to be told of the light ball, it was kind of following, to the world of light ball which present a thing called magic as I said earlier. And it seems in his clan the magician who said to be top class in the world are called and among such magician they have the best selection of magic is made to gather the light ball. However, only a group of magicians strength was forces are enough to destroy a country in few hours .

This a kind of world that was created to gather selection of magician in it , it can be says with certain that Demon Beast Art is apparently a mystery something that the previous light ball was told .

However, to use the Demon Beast Art it requires a huge magical power, there was not a person who can master this art in light ball clans. And unfortunately thing to do is to collect so called genius in one era by influencing the magicians, apparently it was not the talent that a magician who appears are on below generation . In addition, it would be a big reason for the Demon Beast Art did not conquest even it can only be used once in a relationship on the life that enhance the effect by magic constraints when oneself run the Demon Beast Art.

And of course life of magician who called genius is finite, one fell, it was supposed to go to reduce and gradually fell to two people among its people.

Although the most  who survived to the last in such clan was before the eye of light ball, but still cannot win in life. Their produced Demon Beast Art was not possible to put up and it remains was disappear. But not to those who published the Demon Beast Art in this world.

And in case of the rest of the world?

Light ball was in an idea to exercise a lifetime last Art using all of his own life and magic. And created the spirit world in between the world and the other world, it seems the soul that are eligible to succeed Demon Beast Art for the several hundred years nearly had been searched before going away from this world. And it was the soul of Reiji and that was caught in it.

Reiji : “I see. It was rough circumstances . … By the way, if I refused it then what happens?”

Light Ball : “I do not anyhow. Thou will journey to this state after the death of the world, will again get the raw as a new life.”

Reiji : “Well, if  I succeed the Demon Beast Art then what?”

Light Ball : “In that case thou will becomes a catalyst , I will bestow a new divine body to thee”

Listening to the words of the light ball, light ball of Reiji moves and start fluttering.

Reiji : “…… Wait a little, but I have a word to you that I don’t hear many things and I had miss. First of that is to I become the catalyst?”

Light Ball : “It’s as it of meaning. It becomes necessary steps in order to pass the our knowledge to thee”

Reiji : “It is, Or that ? Feeling of that I have to fuse and roughen with you  ?”

Light Ball : “No. We are not merely just a catalyst. After I transfer the knowledge to thee it disappear and is directly absorbed into thee. However, it does not change of becoming the one of me and thou. Only principle is thee it is, but it is expected that there are some changes. “

Reiji also heard that his personality remains intact at a minimum and he exhale of relief involuntarily and he move on to the next question.

Reiji : “So why new physical body?”

Light Ball : ” Because thou has lost thy own body in thy world”

In the words of the light ball, he remember the steel frame that had been looming in front of his eyes. Indeed it is assumed he was crushed in that steel and that of  his body is not a first decent condition and it was easy to be imagine even to Reiji.

Reiji : “Well, it’s certainly”

Light Ball : “Therefore, to fix thy soul to new body that our clan has created by gathering the best of magic and technology.”

Reiji : “Indeed, it’s a new body”

Light Ball : “Also, thou look after the Demon Beast Art and of course we will disappear later. Therefore all such us the magic tools and valuable material that our clan has left it becomes thy things”

Reiji : ” World’s strongest magicians who live hundreds of years in legacy, either. That’s very polite. However, the new body and magic blah blah blah story happens?”

Light Ball : “No problem. The one who come endowed with soul and magic, are not intended to be provided with their body parts.”

Reiji : “In other words, I have some kind of named mighty magic. But, If so what I own is not nice and if I return to life using the body?”

Light Ball : “No. My soul and the body are of compatible issues that should be noted and soul of mine will torn because it is already old. Curiosity and quest heart, already are for those who are craving for unknown and to become natural existence then to say that your thing as magician already has finished. This all contents was told to be transmitted to thee. Therefore I will ask. Do thou like to inherit our technology and leave it thou? “

Reiji : “…… Or, just this if I refused I don’t remains here and to wonder going to the alleged world of dead. It would be nice, let me ask to accept the offer.”

Light ball starts to blink several times to words of Reiji.

Light Ball : “Thank you. Than this fusion be first to start”

Reiji : “Oh. What should I do then?”

Light Ball : “It’s not difficult.  At the time being in this space it already prepared for that. After coming in contact with thou automatically fusion will start to complete and thou will be reconstructed . Thy soul established in a new body at the same time and thou will wake up.

Reiji : ” I understand. ….. I had to do that.”

Light Ball : “Hmm. Well then the fusion has started.”

When so declared, light spheres overlap …… as it is closer toward the Reiji.

Light Ball : “Reiji Saeki, fortunately thanks to thee to know thyself. And a New Life of Adventure”

At the same time as the words of the light ball, consciousness of Reiji sank into darkness.

                                                                                                                                                             Legend Chapter 2 →

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