Edited version Legend Chapter 1

Legend Chapter 1 is now edited


currently editing legend chapter 2 and Chapter 3

Sorry for delay…

Hope u enjoy reading

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Recent added illustration

I’ have added for Legend Light Novel


Chapter 3 will available on 29 Apr,,,,,, probably Sorry got engineering practical exam . Sigh!!!! Also I will try translating Progessing Thought Of Linked Art Pactioner though I made page for it. See ya……………………..

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Legend Chapter 2

Episode 02

In the deep dark forest there was building present in it. In spite of that, only huge trees surrounds the building as if they are poking the heaven, but the building is somehow showering in soft sunlight. There is no popular building as such as any , there is no signs of creatures called as living things. But, to somehow the floor of the building oddly enough had dusts been kept in without any cleaning condition at all.

And in a room in that such a building Reiji………whether or not , person that was once called Reiji Saeki wake up.

Saeki Reiji : “…… Where on earth?”

For few seconds he thoughtfully looked around while placing hand on his forehead, but nodded as if to understand something immediately.

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Legend Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sun was shining in midsummer, and just do so during intense sunshine, Saeki Reiji wiped away sweat while waiting for red lights on a bicycle.

Reiji : “Hot !! I say, I’m already hot !!!”

While the chirps of cicadas are heard , he resentfully glared at sun to go down.

To refer, still it’s 10 o’clock after morning but temperatures had already beyond 30 ℃. It’s not unusual early, even in news tit is over 40 ℃  by the local TV, but 30 ℃ temperature also is considerably tight stuff for Reiji to live in the rural town of northeast .

Reiji : ” Well in this type of hot weather, swimming in the river was nice”

This dialogue would represent the countryside is how much a place for Reiji to live. After all it’s a place where mobile radio waves that are called even enter the last minute. This is also town where he arrived by multiplying more than one hour by bicycle from home.

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